Truth in Audio
Heritage applied
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Denoting a product regarded as emblematic of fine craftsmanship.

Truth in Audio (TIA) designs and manufactures uniquely innovative audio solutions that raise the bar of what’s expected, and reimagines what was never expected.

Founded by Bernie Broderick, a live sound industry thought leader in product conception, development, and education, TIA is the honest game changer. Inspired by decades in the trenches of pro audio, working with big-name loudspeaker manufacturers, TIA products are crafted to deliver unparalleled power, craftsmanship, and real-world reliable functionality. It’s KYRIE, the Bluetooth speaker disguised as hand-crafted art with blow-your-face-off kick-ass sound. It’s TCM, the incredibly simple and remarkably robust network utility that is the live sound production company’s best friend. It’s Jewel*, the elegantly powerful integration system.

This, is heritage applied. And it’s just the beginning.

*In market release, late 2022


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