Truth In Audio® spans the live sound industry with its anchor placed firmly in education and product development.

After a 20-plus year career working for some of the industry’s most prominent loudspeaker manufacturers (Adamson, L-ACOUSTICS, EAW), Bernie Broderick saw a need for a company that could provide a comprehensive educational opportunity for the men and women of the live sound industry.

Technicians entering or advancing in this industry now have a clearly defined educational choice allowing them to stay current with the industry’s leading techniques, trends, and best practices.

In 2020, Truth In Audio began manufacturing its own products for both the live sound industry, and consumer products.

TIA Education

TIA is a funnel for knowledge in the live sound industry and relies on the contributions of many of the industry’s top veterans to provide content for the curriculum. This not only provides a historical perspective but also a broad cross-section of personal interpretation as each of these veterans may provide alternate methods for producing similar results.

Content has been compiled from a long list of front of house (FOH) engineers, monitor engineers, systems technicians, product designers, and veteran businessmen and women who have amassed considerable knowledge and experience over their professional careers in pro audio.

Audio Products

In 2020,  rather than focusing solely on the pro sound touring market, TIA set its sights on parallel vertical markets giving equal attention to pro, systems’ integration, and consumer products. One market’s discoveries are used to freely mix and match technologies among all three verticals to present the best and most current in each.

TIA currently has one product in each category.

For consumers there’s a Bluetooth loudspeaker, a ceiling loudspeaker for integration, and a network distribution solution for portable live sound.

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