Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Transmission Control Module (TCM). Consolidates networking distribution needs’ unmanaged gigabit switches. Two models – all-Ethercon version and using LK54 multipin outputs. Contact Truth In Audio to discuss TCM options.


Something so simple and intuitive requires an explanation!

In today’s modern world of touring, networking of equipment has become part of the daily activity for a sound reinforcement company, but we have seen very few utility items available to simplify the process. Shelves full of random network switches, patch bays, racks and low quality cables are the norm for many and when the need for network switches comes up, people are tasked to pull, package, configure and test network racks prior to loading the truck. Once on-site, the show crew are oftentimes expected to sort out issues on equipment they had no hand in building or configuring.

As educators, Truth In Audio realized early on that what was missing was a utility to do basic networking that made it simple for crew members to patch and troubleshoot. We also felt it was necessary to create a utility that was manufactured to withstand the rigors of live production use and used industry standard connections. Finally, we wanted to introduce a product that could change its function with the use of carefully thought out accessories. The Transmission Control Module system is incredibly simple and robust. At its core, it is a simple pair of unmanaged, gigabit network switches, but beyond that, it can be the live sound production company’s best friend.

At its core, each TCM module (LK or E-Version) contains a pair of unmanaged, gigabit network switches that have no green features, passwords or other troubleshooting traps that would prevent it from doing its job. The E-Version is the day-to-day standard version of TCM, while the LK-Version takes advantage of the LINK, LK54, multipin connector. This version, coupled with multicore cables provided by LINK USA, is intended for use with networked sound systems primarily but either can be used in any use-case scenario that requires gigabit networking.

With the addition of an ever-increasing set of accessories, the TCM system is poised to occupy many roles in live production. From corporate to touring and beyond, we see those shelves populating with only one product for utility networking, and that is the Transmission Control Module system.

Note: All photos are of prototype parts. Actual parts may differ in form, color and usability

Contact Truth In Audio to discuss TCM options.



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