Bluetooth Speakers


KYRIE wireless Bluetooth speaker. Made from recycled aluminum. Available in both Sport and Premium editions.
Battery operated; 27 hour duration at 60% power.

The chassis is built from recyclable aluminum, no plastic parts. Premium components, including an air motion transformer for the high-frequencies, a 3-3/4-inch bass driver, and a stereo amp that delivers 50 watts per channel.

DSP chip in for tuning and alignment, plus a battery pack that uses the same kind of cells as you’d find in a Tesla Model 3. KYRIE runs continuously for 27* hours at 60 percent volume. Robustness meets high-performance. Kicks some butt too. Speaker ships in its own hard-shell case – no cardboard or styrofoam.

Every speaker is hand-built to TIA’s – and Bernie Broderick’s – exacting standards.

**Absolute runtime is determined by many factors including output demand, age of the product and even environmental conditions. We anticipate that your runtimes will vary based on these conditions.

Pro Audio Accessories

Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Consolidates networking distribution needs unmanaged gigabit switches.

Consolidates many of the day-to-day networking distribution needs on a show using unmanaged gigabit switches in a professional-grade form factor loaded with optional accessories.