KYRIE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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KYRIE was created to take its place beside your personal collection of prized items. Designed to professional audio standards with racing inspired esthetics, KYRIE has fashion model good looks – with performance to match.

Made from easy-to-recycle aluminum plates and extrusions, KYRIE is earth friendly and comes to you in a hard-shell case that is yours to keep. There are no environmentally harmful plastics or Styrofoam in our shipping process. The powder coating process achieves our stunning colors and uses no harsh chemicals in preparation, application or cleanup.

Beautiful and durable.

KYRIE has a large storage capacity battery-pack built from cells obtained from the Tesla Model 3 electric car. Runtime is 27* hours at 60 percent volume.

KYRIE is handcrafted in the USA using parts obtained from the global market.

Price includes ONE KYRIE Bluetooth speaker, AC-DC adapter, and hard-shell case..




Like a fine watch, KYRIE is the new personal item for the discerning music lover.

While there are many options for low-cost, disposable Bluetooth speakers, we felt there were few choices for high-performance options catering to people who maintain an intimate relationship with their music. KYRIE solves this problem by providing looks and performance befitting of the true audiophile. Designed to last a lifetime, KYRIE sets a new benchmark for Bluetooth speaker design.

KYRIE was designed by live sound engineers who know full-well what a reference should sound like. A pure, clean, and balanced response was the only sonic result that would satisfy the designers and we feel that for the personal listening experience, nothing comes close to the sonic performance of KYRIE – but we didn’t stop there. We also paid great attention to how KYRIE looks and feels and wanted to evoke a sense of strength and performance in its appearance. Only metal would satisfy our need for bold looks and to that end, KYRIE is constructed almost entirely of high strength aluminum.

Available in two finishes: Sport and Premium.

KYRIE has fashion model good looks with outstanding performance to match. A powder coating process achieves our stunning colors, whether you choose the Sport or Premium finish.


Sport finishes are available in four colors – blue, red, white, and gray.

Sold individually.


Premium finishes take it up a notch with a two-stage metallic powder coat, coupled with a brushed aluminum chassis. Available in silver and orange.

Sold individually.

The KYRIE speaker ships in its own case which is yours to keep:

Product Specifications:

Type – Full-range, two-way, personal Bluetooth speaker (mono)

Components Front – 1 x 89 mm full-range driver / 1 x 40 mm air-motion transformer

Components Rear – 3 x 85 mm passive radiators

Amplification – 1 x stereo 50-Watt digital power amplifier (low/high)

Chassis Construction – Aluminum extrusion and plate materials

Fastener Materials – Stainless Steel. Black Oxide, Aluminum, Brass

Coloring – Powder-coated in various colors

Power (internal) – 4 x 21700 lithium ion cells / onboard BMS protection

Power (external) – 16.8 volt AC to DC adapter

Bluetooth – 5.0

Product Dimensions – 268 mm H / 93 mm D / 100 mm W

Weight (KYRIE only) – 1.8 kg

Weight (with included hard-shell case) – 3.75 kg

Included Accessories – AC to DC, 16.8 volt charging adapter / Hard-shell carrying case / Owners Manual (includes pro-tips)


*Absolute runtime is determined by many factors including output demand, age of the product and even environmental conditions. We anticipate that your runtimes will vary based on these conditions.

Expected delivery is four to six weeks after placing an order and purchase confirmation.

4 reviews for KYRIE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Bernadette Broderick

    This speaker looks like a work of art, yet amazes me with its power and performance. It exceeded my expectations because it has both form and function, a rare combination for any product. I also love the long-life battery, and I love that I can bring the KYRIE with me anywhere. It definitely attracts attention! It has a presence unlike any other Bluetooth speakers I own, or have seen. When it’s in sight, I love to take a sneak peek at it every now and then, and it gives me the same thrill as when I first opened the case. Great sound, impressive looks and….love at first sight!

  2. Carolyn Guerrero

    KYRIE is a seriously sexy hand-crafted bluetooth speaker with an industrial art vibe that delivers kick-ass sound quality. The beefy weight of its aluminum construction and the space-saving vertical orientation are the first two things I noticed, but on further inspection, I saw all of the unique details that elevates this piece into a league of its own. Attention to detail on steroids! But it’s more than a pretty face–Kyrie is a bluetooth speaker (designed and built by a pro sound guy) that delivers super crisp sound at any volume, and it can run for a ridiculous amount of time because it’s powered by recycled Tesla batteries! I might not understand the technical aspects that go into designing and building a portable speaker, but I do know what is pleasing to my ears and sense of style, and hands-down, KYRIE is beyond compare.

  3. Vince Edwards, Sound Image Productions

    Unlike anything else out there– eco-friendly, small footprint, packed with BIG bass response and long-lasting charge. Bonus points for a design I love and the protective case so I can drag it around the world with me safely.

  4. Syliva Freel, happy customer

    Kyrie is by far the best bluetooth speaker I’ve ever heard! The sound quality is beyond compare, and will hold me over until I can get back to live shows. Aside from the optimal sound, the design is pure perfection and the attention to detail to tie in the speaker design with the company logo is brilliant. It fits beautifully in my home office and adds to my decor. Lastly, the ease of set up (once I realized pressing the power button helps) was appreciated for a non-techy like myself. Unpack from the sturdy custom carrying case, press the power and connect! Can’t wait to see what other products Truth in Audio develops!

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